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Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

Laser Treatment for Gum DiseaseGum disease is a serious chronic infection that can result in tooth loss, gum loss and bone loss. It can threaten your dental health and increase your risk of certain general health problems, including pregnancy complications, respiratory infections and heart disease. Our expert in laser treatment for gum disease in Los Angeles offers several treatment options that can control the infection and restore your dental health.

Identifying gum disease in its earliest stages is the best way to reduce the risks. Treating gum disease can limit your risk of complications. Scaling and root planing is generally recommended for most patients who are suffering from gum disease. This is a deep cleaning procedure that can remove plaque and tartar buildup from above and below the gumline. Research indicates that scaling and root planing can be even more effective when combined with laser treatment.

Our expert in laser treatment for gum disease in Los Angeles may recommend laser treatment as an alternative to surgery. Laser treatment reduces the risk of discomfort, swelling and bleeding. The laser is used to trace around the tooth to kill the bacteria that cause gum disease. While bacteria can often develop resistance to antibiotics, they are not resistant to lasers. This means that lasers offer an extremely effective alternative to traditional treatments for periodontal disease.

While treatment with lasers is generally not painful, we may provide you with a topical anesthetic to reduce your risk of discomfort. We may also provide you with special anti-microbial oral hygiene products that allow you to continue the fight against gum disease at home.

If you have any symptoms of gum disease, including swelling, receding or bleeding gums, we can help. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your consultation with our expert in laser treatment for gum disease in Los Angeles.

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