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Sinus Augmentation

Sinus AugmentationDental implants are generally considered the healthiest way to replace teeth. If you are missing one or more teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants. At your consultation, we will evaluate your dental health and ensure that you have sufficient bone tissue for placement. Because bone loss often occurs with the loss of a tooth, some of our patients may benefit from a bone graft. A sinus augmentation is another alternative. This allows our Los Angeles sinus augmentation expert to ensure that we can place your dental implants safely and effectively.

A sinus augmentation, or sinus lift, is designed to restore bone tissue to the molar and premolar area of your upper jaw. Because the bone graft is performed between the jaw and the sinuses, the sinus membrane is lifted. If you are a candidate for a sinus augmentation, our expert in sinus augmentation in Los Angeles will need to take dental X-rays and other images to identify the size and health of your jawbone and your sinuses. Donor bone or your own bone tissue may be used.

Once the sinus lift and augmentation has been performed, our Los Angeles sinus augmentation expert will stitch the surgical site closed and provide you with specific aftercare instructions. As with any surgical procedure, there may be swelling or discomfort. An antibiotic and a pain medication may be prescribed, and you may be given an antimicrobial mouthwash. Using these items as prescribed can reduce your risk of infection or other complications. Saline spray may be recommended to reduce inflammation and congestion.

Sinus Augmentation Los Angeles

After your procedure, we will need to see you for several follow-up appointments to ensure the site is healing properly. The bone tissue will continue to harden for several weeks or months, and new bone growth will be stimulated. After healing is complete, the implants can be placed. This can take from four to 12 months.

A sinus augmentation can significantly increase your chances for a successful implant procedure. Contact our expert in sinus augmentation in Los Angeles today to learn more or to schedule your appointment.

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