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Teeth in a Day Los Angeles

Teeth in a Day Los AngelesLost teeth can significantly affect the health and appearance of a patient’s smile. While dental implants are the most natural solution to tooth loss, they can take up to six months to place and restore due to the healing time. Many patients prefer a faster solution that can give them a smile they can share confidently right away. If you are missing one or more teeth, our Los Angeles teeth in a day expert can help.

Teeth in a Day involve the placement and loading, or restoring, of dental implants in a single day. Our expert in teeth in a day in Los Angeles recommends Teeth in a Day for healthy patients who enjoy reasonably good dental health. Teeth in a Day can be placed in just one day as their name suggests. If you have adequate bone density and healthy bone tissue, you may be a candidate for Teeth in a Day.

If you are a candidate for Teeth in a Day, our Los Angeles teeth in a day expert will plan your treatment using dental X-rays and images for precise placement. After the virtual planning process is completed, the procedure can be performed with minimal surgical intervention. The implants are placed using a flapless technique to minimize discomfort, reduce healing time and provide you with a fast, highly effective and attractive prosthetic tooth.

Los Angeles Teeth in a Day

Once your implants have been placed, we will provide you with detailed after-care instructions that will reduce your risk of discomfort and complications. Antibiotics and pain medication may be prescribed. Use these as instructed for the best results. Keeping the implant site clean is also critical to healing. Brush gently according to instructions to keep plaque at bay.

As the bone heals around the implant, your restoration will have a durable support that can last 15 years or longer. Continuing to maintain good dental hygiene can reduce the risk of future tooth loss and can ensure your dental implant stays strong for many years. If you are ready to fill in those gaps and complete your smile, we can help. Contact our expert in teeth in a day in Los Angeles and schedule your consultation.

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