Supplements for Fighting Periodontal Disease

By April 20, 2017Uncategorized

Periodontal disease is a leading cause of tooth loss. It affects not just the gums but also the teeth, the supporting structures and the bone around the teeth. Periodontal disease begins with the oral bacteria that live in plaque, and as it progresses, it can cause widespread dental and overall health problems. Our expert in dental implant in Los Angeles recommends taking a proactive approach that includes good daily dental hygiene, routine checkups and a balanced diet with nutrients that are essential for gum health.

• Vitamin C – Insufficient intakes of vitamin C have long been associated with an increased risk of gum disease. Adults who are not consuming the RDA of 60 mg. a day should adjust their diets by including more citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberry, bell peppers, broccoli and cantaloupe or consider supplementation.

• Vitamin D – Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties that can increase your resistance to gum disease. Sun exposure can promote healthy vitamin D levels naturally. Fortified milks and juices can be great ways to improve your vitamin D consumption.

• Tea tree oil – Tea tree oil has antimicrobial properties. Use tea tree oil toothpaste rather than the essential oil for the best results.

• Coenzyme Q10 – This powerful antioxidant occurs naturally in the body, but topical application of Coenzyme Q10 in the form of toothpaste can reduce infection and inflammation.

• Cranberry – Cranberry can make it difficult for bacteria to adhere to the teeth. Natural cranberry juices without added sweeteners are the best choices.

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