Dental Implants Compared to Dentures

By April 20, 2017Uncategorized

Most adults have lost at least one tooth by the time they reach 35. By the time they reach 74, more than one-fourth of Americans have lost all their teeth. Gum disease, tooth decay and accidents are the most common causes of tooth loss in adults. Replacing these lost teeth is essential for many reasons, including continued dental health, good nutrition and self-esteem.

People who lost all their teeth once had few options for replacing them. Fixed bridges were the typical solution for patients who had lost one or two teeth while dentures were generally recommended for patients who had lost an entire arch of teeth. Dentures are an imperfect tooth restoration solution, however. They can slip, pinch or irritate sensitive gum tissues. Patients may find it difficult to speak clearly or eat without difficulty. Even smiling can be embarrassing if patients feel their dentures are not secure.

Dental implants offer a more complete solution. Patients who have dental implants enjoy secure restorations that do not slip or irritate, and the implants can even offer additional dental health benefits. Because the dental implants are firmly rooted in the jawbone, they help stimulate the tissue and can help prevent the bone loss that often accompanies tooth loss. Dental implants can also last longer than dentures. While dentures tend to last just five to seven years before requiring adjustment or replacement, dental implants can last for decades.

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