How Long does Dental Implant Treatment Take?

By April 20, 2017Uncategorized

If you have lost one tooth or many teeth, you may be able to choose from dentures, dental bridges or dental implants to restore your smile’s function and appearance. However, of the three tooth replacement options, only one is designed to preserve your bone density and gives you a long-lasting restoration that looks feels and acts just like your own natural teeth: dental implants.

Treatment with dental implants can vary based on the type of implants used, the area in which they are placed, what other procedures may need to be performed prior to placement and other factors. Our Los Angeles dental implants expert will evaluate your smile and provide you with a treatment plan that can give you a better idea of the time estimate.

Most patients will need several appointments. Treatment generally takes a few months but could take longer than a year. If you need bone grafts, tissue grafts or other procedures to strengthen and build up the area in which the implants will be placed, the dental implant procedure may take longer.

The dental implant is generally placed in one appointment. The bone will then need to heal and fuse around the implant to provide the sturdiest, longest-lasting solution. After the bone heals, the implant will be uncovered, an abutment placed and the restoration will be prepared. A final visit will be needed to place the restoration, which may be a dental bridge, dental crowns or dentures.

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