What Happens if You Do Not Replace Missing Teeth?

By April 20, 2017Uncategorized

Tooth loss is a common dental health concern for patients who are over 35. Because potentially serious dental health problems are frequently associated with tooth loss, our expert in dental implants in Los Angeles advises our patients to restore missing teeth.

1. Shifting teeth – If lost teeth are not replaced, remaining teeth can begin to shift. You may be left with crooked teeth, unsightly gaps or tilted teeth. You may be at an increased risk of tooth fracture or further tooth loss because your teeth no longer fit together properly.

2. Increased risk of health problems – Tooth loss can lead to an increased risk of gum disease, which is associated with diabetes, dementia, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy complications and respiratory infections. Tooth loss can also increase your risk of obesity since your diet may be more limited due to inefficient chewing, and you may be prone to nutritional deficiencies.

3. Decreased bone tissue – The jawbone begins to resorb after the loss of a tooth, which means that the bone density decreases. This can eventually lead to further tooth loss and dental disease.

4. Decreased self-confidence – A gap in your smile can be unattractive and leave you unwilling to share your smile. You may even feel self-conscious about speaking or eating in public or meeting new people.

Replacing your missing tooth or teeth can help prevent many of these potentially serious dental health problems and restore your smile confidence. Give us a call today to learn more about your tooth replacement options or to schedule your consultation.

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