What is Gum Graft Surgery for?

By April 20, 2017Uncategorized

Advanced periodontal disease can cause a number of symptoms, including gum inflammation, swelling, pain, bleeding, sore gums, chronic bad breath and gum recession. Tooth roots can become exposed when the gums recede, which can leave you with sensitive teeth, cavities along your tooth roots and periodontal pockets that are deep and difficult to keep clean. If you have gum recession, our specialist for dental implants in Los Angeles may recommend gum graft surgery.

Gum graft surgery is designed to restore lost gum tissue and prevent further deterioration, recession and bone loss. The procedure can be used to cover exposed roots and stimulate new gingival growth using tissue from your palate or another donor source. A gum graft surgery may be used for the gums around one tooth or many teeth.

One of the primary benefits of gum graft surgery is that it can prevent further damage associated with periodontal disease, such as bone loss and further recession, and restore lost gum tissue. Tooth sensitivity may be reduced or eliminated, and roots will be less vulnerable to decay. A gum graft surgery can also restore the cosmetic appearance of your smile.

If you are a candidate for gum graft surgery, our specialist for dental implants in Los Angeles will provide you with a treatment plan that may address other aspects of your periodontal health in order to heal your gums and treat the underlying infection. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your comprehensive periodontal evaluation.

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