When is Ridge Augmentation Necessary?

By April 20, 2017Uncategorized

Dental implants are often considered the healthiest option for most people who have lost one or several teeth. Our specialist for dental implants in Los Angeles can help you determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. The best candidates enjoy good oral health and have sufficient bone density for placement of the implant. However, even if you have inadequate bone tissue, you may still be a candidate. Tissue grafts can help build up the jawbone in order to improve outcomes.

A ridge augmentation may be recommended if deformities exist in the upper or lower jaw. Ridge augmentation can restore the appearance of healthy gums, stimulate natural bone growth and ensure a strong, healthy foundation for prosthetic teeth. Deformities can be caused by injury, trauma, developmental defects, periodontal disease or the long-term wearing of dentures. These deformities can make dental implant placement more difficult, and it can even leave your gums uneven or indented, which could result in difficulty cleaning around the area and increase the risk of gum disease or other dental health problems.

The deformity can be corrected through a ridge augmentation, which exposes the bone deformity and allows our periodontist to build up the area using donor tissue or bone substitute, which can help stimulate the regeneration of bone and gum tissue. After the graft, the incision will be closed and allow to heal, which can take from a few months to a year. The dental implants may then be placed.

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